Why do you need Business Process Automation (BPA)

by Ammar Quettawala

Businesses that don’t look to leverage automation now risk losing their competitive edge. According to a prediction by Gartner, there will be a 25% drop in customer retention in 2019 for application outsourcing providers who fail to make use of automation to guarantee 5% to 10% annual savings.

To stand out and grow quickly, you need to respond promptly and still maintain the quality. Your organisation needs to continuously improve processes to achieve and maintain optimum performance. You can gain competitive advantage in a big way by streamlining and automating your business processes. This enables quality outcomes irrespective of which channel your customers are using to interact with you. By identifying such processes, you also get an opportunity to improve your legacy processes which minimises any inefficiencies that may have developed after years of using the same processes.

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Business Process Automation allows organisations to change the way they engage with target markets. Organisations need to re-think how they interact with customers through a number of channels and how customers are provided consistently better value. Being customer-centric enhances organisations’ competitive advantage and elevates their reputation due to the high quality of service delivery.

Benefits of Business Process Automation?

There are many benefits of business process automation - some of these are achieved within a short time, while others could be realised over a period of time:

  • Consistency: ensuring business operations and processes follow organisation standards

  • Faster execution: allowing processes to be completed quickly for faster customer service

  • Efficiency: improving efficiency and overall business performance

  • Cost-saving: saving cost on manual, mundane and repetitive tasks

  • Engaged employees: enabling employees to be more customer-focused and productive

  • Engaged customers: providing better customer experience and helping to increase customer retention

  • Better decision-making: real-time data availability providing invaluable data to company leadership for quicker and better decisions

Do I really need Business Process Automation now?

Not having business process automation in place has a direct negative impact on the organisation. Businesses that aren’t using automation are going to be outperformed quickly by competitors that are gathering insights from their data and continuously improving processes to meet ever-changing customer demands. The following are some of the dangers of not using process automation:

  • Leads fall through the cracks due to no response from your busy team

  • A franchisor may miss providing relevant documentation to a franchisee or miss a compliance visit appointment

  • Employees undertake repetitive small tasks, creating an environment where they do not feel valued

  • Data entry tasks are prone to human errors as multiple systems are used to collate the required data

  • Contact centre team unable to access prior customer communications, affecting quality of service

  • Management does not get correct information on time to take the right decisions quickly

  • Increase in demand for resources: human, devices, data storage, licenses

  • Difficult to train new resources if experienced resource is away or leaves the company

In this fast-paced world, competition is always on and growing increasingly fierce. Processes that are not automated and systems that are manual are becoming a liability across all industries. Automation makes a business more agile and adaptable, enabling it to enhance its customer experience. The businesses that successfully implement automation take the customer-first approach and focus their people and culture towards providing excellent service to their customers.

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About the author:
Ammar Quettawala is a strong advocate of automation and passionate about helping businesses to create a superior customer experience. He runs a consulting company, QTECX Solutions, that provides implementation and integration services for CRM, Enterprise Application Integration, and Business Process Automation. He has travelled globally and worked with industry leaders in North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, and Asia Pacific. He also has lived in three countries.

Ammar loves to speak in business forums and conferences. He mentors business owners as well as final-year university students to help them express their uniqueness and stand out as professional individuals. His life mantra is simple: "Be good, do good". Find out more about Ammar on