Intelligent CRM and system integrations deliver more efficiency and productivity

We help you grow your business faster by delivering the best customer experience.

QTECX Solutions has expert and experienced consultants for CRM, business process automation, data management, and applications integrations. We work on all aspects of customer relationships: business process management, marketing automation, sales enblement, and customer service.

System integrations

System integrations

As system integrators, we specialise in bringing together other systems together into a whole, ensuring these systems work together. We have integrated CRMs with core-banking host, address validation & verification system, other CRMs, and e-signature solutions. We have the ability to research, design, and deliver customised prototypes and final solutions.

integration benefits

Benefits of integrations

Many business applications typically do not communicate with one another, unable to share data and resulting in information silos within the organisation. The resulting automation due to integration avoid such inefficiencies and help you link applications together. This streamlines processes for easier management, solve automation challenges, and enable you to have clean customer data. In short, it reduces costs and increase efficiency.