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We provide wide range of services, delivering value that accelerates your growth.

QTECX Solutions is a team of expert consultants for CRM, business process automation, data management, and applications integrations. We work on all aspects of customer relationships: business process management, marketing automation, sales enblement, and customer service.

CRM consultancy

QTECX Solutions works with number of CRM vendors, including Creatio, Zoho, Salesforce, and Oracle. QTECX provides its expertise, gained from working in various industries, to tailor the best solution for the customers. We work with all: from small businesses to large enterprises.

Application integrations

Many business applications typically do not communicate with one another, unable to share data resulting in information silos within the organisation. We provide EAI solutions to avoid such inefficiencies and link applications together. Take a look at our DocuSign Connector.

Process automation

To stay ahead of competition and be unique, many organisations are taking action to implement their business strategies at a faster pace. Business process automation (BPA) enables organisations to achieve more productivity. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become an integral part of digital transformation in many successful organisations.

Data management

As organizations store more data, managing the data quality becomes important for decision making. It would be not incorrect to say that the gulf between good and poor quality data could separate the winners from the losers.

Custom solutions

With 35+ years of experience within our team of working with industry market leaders, we can provide in-depth analysis and solution engineering for specific requirements.

Project management and Training

Having 40,000+ hours of experience in Project Management, we welcome the opportunities from our clients in managing their projects. We also provide training designed to provide a complete overview of a particular CRM or EAI topic, or courses customised to suit your needs. We help customers to build a pool of competent resources for future needs.


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