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Our attractive and value-add solutions for finPower make your customers stick with you longer.
These solutions are proven to give you the best result to grow your business faster and create more wealth for your customers.

finPower portal mobile app investor

Solution for your Investors

We specialise in crafting great finPower web portals and mobile apps, delivering a premium solution for your sophisticated investors. We are experienced in developing amazing and attractive user-friendly solutions so that your customers love using these tools. With our solution, the investors can track their investment's performance in real-time, distributions, investment history, download documents and communicate with you directly when required.

finPower Portal and Mobile app borrower

Solution for your

With accurate financial data on hand makes it easier for your borrowers to find relevant information for faster decisions. Our specialised finPower web portals and mobile apps deliver a premium solution for your professional borrowers. With the Borrower section of our solution, the borrowers can track their borrowings, overdue and upcoming payments, history, download documents and communicate with you directly from the portal and app. 

finPower happy loyal customer

Solution to increase Customers loyalty

We design and develop quality and attractive web portals and mobiles apps that are loved by your customers. Our solution is used by loan and investor services companies to provide the best experience to their customers. Our solutions' ease-of-use functionality keeps your customer happy and increases their loyalty to your brand.