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Our Mission

To make it easier for you to do business. To help you to be more successful by growing your business faster. To enable your staff to do more in less time, benefitting the whole community.

Based in Sydney, Australia, QTECX Solutions is a team of expert consultants for CRM, business process automation, data management, and applications integrations. We work on all aspects of customer relationships: business process management, marketing automation, sales enablement, and customer service.

We have been designing customer-facing applications, with our passion for delivering excellent customer experience. From client requirements to planning stage to implementation or consulting on a variety of challenges, we tailor our work to the individual unique requirements and needs of every client.

At QTECX Solutions, excellence is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We not only meet expectations but strive to exceed those every time. We strongly believe in delivering quality solutions designed to works for years.

Our team members have diverse expertise and have been associated with a number of industries: Higher Education, Retail, Franchise, Insurance, Airlines, Telecommunications, Utilities, and Banks & other Financial Institutions. Our team members have worked in 20+ countries, from Australia, Far East Asia, the Middle East to Africa, Europe, and North America.

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We accelerate business growth

Our purpose and core values

At QTECX Solutions, our purpose is to help businesses achieve their goals for business growth.

We are a passionate team that builds the trust-based relationship with our clients before taking them on a journey of sustainable growth. We are honest and ethical in our dealings with our clients. We walk in your shoes before recommending any solution, meaning we first understand the need from your perspective.

Our 4D engagement process

QTECX Solutions aim to deliver the best customer experience to its clients, every time. For the purpose, we have the following time-tested process for projects. We are flexible and can tweak the process as per the engagement needs.


During this phase, the client and QTECX Solutions define and confirm the project scope, gather detailed requirements, and plan the project with high-level effort and timelines. Any further changes to the scope after this phase are treated as change requests.


Work associated with system customization and development is defined in this phase. To ensure the project goals are fully met and to increase client involvement in the software development process, this phase includes several system functionality deliverables.

The number of deliverables depends on project complexity. Each delivery requires technical design, customization and development work for system adoption, Customer work acceptance and system testing by the project team.


During this time, the system is configured and customised to include all sections and functional elements according to requirements verified during the technical design stage.

This phase includes getting ready for system operational acceptance and transition to operation and maintenance phase. This phase suggests end-to-end testing of a customized system. 


In this phase, we conduct user training, and the client completes system acceptance testing according to the test-cases developed by their team.

As a result of this phase, QTECX Solutions delivers to the client a solution that fully complies with requirements and is ready for operation and maintenance. 

Our Advantage

Diverse expertise with out of the box thinking

The team members have worked in a number of industries: Higher Education Institutes, Retail, Franchises, Insurance, Airlines, Telecommunications, Utilities, and Banks & other Financial Institutions. 

Local and global experience to add value

Our team members have experience of working with 50+ small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises in 25+ countries, from North America to Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, and Australia. 

Innovative and cost-efficient solutions

At QTECX Solutions, we know the meaning of excellence. We have been carving out mission critical and customer facing applications, with our passion to deliver the best quality and excellent customer experience.  

Timely delivery with the best customer experience

We are flexible and can quickly adapt to your needs to turnaround projects faster. Our aim is to build a long term trust-based relationship with our clients with our superior service and the value that we add to the business.

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