Why your business needs a CRM?

by Ammar Quettawala

The Customer relationship management (CRM) tool enables small business owners to transition from a small business to a business that is capable of continuously growing.

Does your organisation need to organise itself

One of the significant benefits of being a small business is the agility; try and experiment with new ideas, and deliver your products and services to market quicker than large companies. However, not having the right systems in place can be a big risk for a small business, especially when you have competitors with more experience and resources.

More admin work means less time for other essential tasks. A sales team can generate a lot of data, on the go meeting customers and gathering valuable information. In many cases, this information gets recorded in paper diaries, notes on devices, or in the heads of your team members.

Emails get lost in mailboxes, meetings not followed up with calls, and contacting customers is difficult with information not available at the right time. Salespeople are on leave, or they leave the company.

In a survey of 500 businesses of all sizes, 47% said that CRM has significantly improved customer retention and satisfaction rate. (Source: Capterra)

Your customers may contact you on different channels, including phone, email, Facebook, or via your website. Without a centralised platform for recording interactions, communications can be missed or lost in the torrent of information, leading to slow response time and unsatisfactory experience for your customer.

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Small business can benefit by using CRM

To any small business, generating sales and managing customer relationships is very important. Using CRM allows organisations to streamline processes and manage their customers with ease and efficiency. CRM is the perfect tool to be able to generate the needed sales and access the required information at the right time.

The average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. (source: Nucleus Research)

When a business is growing, it needs to be able to understand its customer base and its needs to the best of their potential. CRM software allows companies to keep all the information regarding customers at their fingertips. By using this feature, the business will be able to speed up productivity, increase collaboration and be more efficient when customers require help or information. By using all this information, your company will be able to sell more and better.

The CRM solution also allows businesses to target the right customer segment with the data available in the system. This helps the business in offering better value to customers by already knowing what they need in advance due to having their information in one centralised place. By providing results at a quick pace and at the right times, customers will be happier and repeat business with your company.

CRM allows small businesses to grow by understanding customer relationships, generating sales, and improving customer loyalty. Customer relationships and management are the most important things to a company. With the features that CRM provides, your business will grow faster.

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About the author:
Ammar Quettawala is a strong advocate of automation and passionate about helping businesses to create a superior customer experience. He runs a consulting company, QTECX Solutions, that provides implementation and integration services for CRM, Enterprise Application Integration, and Business Process Automation. He has travelled globally and worked with industry leaders in North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, and Asia Pacific. He also has lived in three countries.

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