Fast-track your member and chapter growth for your BNI region

Member Engage, an automated CRM for BNI, enables a region and its support office to live and follow the seven core values of BNI. This management system for Executive Directors helps accelerate the growth of chapters and members in their region. With Member Engage, Executive Directors and their team position themselves to thrive by automating business processes, solving data challenges, and offering business insights. With this solution, the region's Executive Director and the staff increase productivity and efficiency and provide a superior member experience.

QTECX Solutions has designed an integrated and automated CRM to help you focus on your core goals and objectives of growing your region. 

Member Engage for BNI


Visitors and Members, 360° chapters view

Pre-filled BNI business categories

Filter and segment contacts

Automate tasks and communication

Email templates

Record all activities

Centralised documents storage

Shareable documents links

Knowledge management (for regional-office)

Manage and automate business processes

Configurable business rules

Access from anywhere, any time


Manage members and chapters

Onboard members with automated emails

List all members under a chapter

View leadership team and directors of each chapter

Customisable forms

Easy data import from BNI Connect

Automated reminders for 7-month review with last score

Automated renewal notifications to members

Automated renewal notifications to VP

Automated notifications to VP for monthly reports


Full application form based on BNI template

Mandatory and optional fields

Online signature option

Integrated application payment

Automated form distribution for Membership Committee review

Online form review and approval by Membership Committee

Automated task creation for region office to reconcile

Alerts and reminders


Sydney, NSW