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We deliver value that accelerates your growth. With our expertise and cutting-edge solutions, we empower you build stronger customer relationships and achieve unparalleled growth.

QTECX Solutions is a team of consultants for CRM, business process automation and applications integrations. We work on all aspects of customer relationships: business process management, marketing automation, sales enablement, and customer service.

Problems we solve

Amongst many problems that we solve for our customers, we have repeatedly provided solutions and a superior experience for the following (and received excellent testimonials for our work):

  • do you have too many leads to manage?
  • are you using Excel sheets to track sales and customer journeys?
  • reporting takes too much time, has incorrect or duplicate data?
  • are you looking to grow, need your processes to scale?
  • are your customers not getting an excellent experience?

We can help implement Marketing campaigns and bulk email (newsletters, announcements, etc.) to appropriately segmented groups. 360° view of your customers helps you reach out to your target market and effectively tell your story.

Various types of dashboards and charts to easily view and understand data. Modify reporting criteria to reap the benefits of real-time reporting. Show the next level of professionalism and provide an excellent experience to your customers.

With the proper process, the system will guide your Sales team to follow the process and ensure that all your customers get a consistent experience. Our experience of working with many industries will benefit you in shortening your sales cycle and closing deals faster. Generation of template-based documents will save Sales team's time.

With the combination of the right technology, streamlined operations and automation, the management team enhances its ability to make better and faster executive decisions. Availability of real-time data provides invaluable insight to analyse the problem areas and focus on improving the challenging areas of business.

Your data is stored and maintained at a single location. Your Marketing, Sales, Operations and Service teams have access to accurate and consistent data, ensuring data quality and reliability. Give access to only those who need the information to perform their tasks. 

Achieve more in less time by automating processes and tasks, and let your team focus on relationships with customers. Improve your current processes and increase staff productivity. Create and send template-based documents and emails by using data stored in the system. Easily integrate with other systems to save valuable time and costs.


Our innovative and value-add products to make you more productive

franchise management


FRANQ is a franchise management software system for franchisors to manage their business, from Franchisee Recruitment to Contracts, Operations, Compliance, Store Opener, and Knowledgebase. With this solution, the head office team can track business development and franchise performance from a centralised, one-stop solution. Learn more.


DocuSign integration

Grow business faster with less cost. Get the powerful eSignature platform with your CRM today. Request multiple parties to sign electronically, wherever they are, sequentially or in parallel, with the signature locations specified in the document. Automatically push and pull data between your CRM and DocuSign, and add signed agreements to a record. Learn more.

finPower web portal mobile app

finPower portal and Mobile app

Having accurate financial data on hand makes it easier for your users to find relevant information for quicker investment decisions. The proper customer channels and tools increase customer satisfaction and help you retain them for a longer time. Our solution gives your customers the right tools and the best experience to invest with your business. Learn more.


Our customer-centric and quality-focused services to grow your business faster

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

QTECX CRM consultants work with number of vendors, including Creatio, Salesforce, and Oracle. QTECX provides expertise, gained from working in various industries, to tailor the best solution for the customers. Learn more...

Application Integrations

Many business applications typically do not communicate with one another, unable to share data resulting in information silos within the organisation. We provide EAI solutions to avoid such inefficiencies and link applications together. Learn more...

Business Process Automation

Many organisations are taking action to implement their business strategies at a faster pace to stay ahead of the competition. Business process automation takes care of manual and repetitive tasks for staff to have more time to focus on the core business.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is playing an essential role in increasing efficiency and productivity. RPA has become an integral part of digital transformation in many successful organisations.

Data Quality and Management

As organizations continue to store more data, managing the data quality becomes vital for decision making. It would be not incorrect to say that the gulf between good and poor quality data could separate the winners from the losers. Learn more...

Custom Development

With 15+ years of experience in working with payment and other industry market leaders, we can provide in-depth analysis and solution engineering for specific requirements.

Project Management

Having 40,000+ hours of experience in Project Management, we welcome opportunities from our clients in managing their projects. At the same time, we enable clients' team to get Project Management exposure and manage future projects efficiently.


We provide training designed to provide a complete overview of a particular CRM or EAI topic, or courses customised to suit your needs. We help customers to build a pool of competent instructors for future needs.