FRANQ is a franchise and corporate-owned outlets management application, designed and developed by QTECX Solutions.

FRANQ helps franchisors to thrive by automating business processes, solving franchise data challenges, and offering business insights for effective leadership. With this product, we re-affirm our purpose to help franchise businesses achieve their goals for growth by equipping them with the right tools and knowledge.

The solution is targeted towards organisations that are following a franchise business model and/or owns number of corporate-run outlets. With this solution, the head office and outlet owners/managers will increase productivity and efficiency within the organisation, positively impacting the bottom line.

Organisations using FRANQ will always have access to the up-to-date information of all franchisees/stores, and will be able to plan and track the business development teams and franchise partners activities. Personalised secure access to data ensures that the users can access data that is required to perform their tasks. One centralised database will allow all teams to access accurate and consistent information, every time!

"We have been working with QTECX Solutions for more than a year now. We would definitely be comfortable recommending them to other businesses. The level of support, especially post implementation is second to none. QTECX will always go above and beyond to ensure our questions are answered and follow up with the supplier on our behalf for a favourable result. There have also been times where we have been a difficult client, working to extremely tight and sometimes unrealistic deadlines and QTECX have saved us on more than one occasion. With their assistance and professional advice we’ve streamlined many time consuming manual processes and are now working more efficiently."

- Zambrero







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360° view of all franchises and customers

Know your franchises better than ever with a complete view. Record various information that includes owners, location, size, number of employees, property and franchise agreements, financial information, related attachments and notes etc. Get to know your franchise partners better, understand their preferences and build efficient personalized communications.

Centralised database for easy data management

Your data is located, stored, and maintained in a single location. Your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service team have access to accurate and consistent data, ensuring data quality and reliability. Eliminates the need to maintain multiple applications and application switching to complete the tasks.

Easily share information within and outside the organisation

Provide the right information to the right person at the right time. User access based on region, feedback category, franchise name, functional teams etc. Franchisees can submit paperwork through this solution, reducing number of emails in your inbox

Legal compliance tracking and alerts

Keeping track of compliance for all franchise can be a difficult task if done manually. Non-compliances may have brand image and legal ramifications if remedial actions are not taken at the right time. Using this feature, use the available dashboards for legal and management teams to see the information in real-time and decide an appropriate path for non-successful compliances

Manage and automate business process 

Streamline and automate internal processes – from document approval to new franchise opening to compliance visits. This solution provides a complete set of tools to effectively execute and manage your business processes. Take advantage of the industry best practices to ensure the maximum efficiency of business process management.

Dashboards for efficient management and reporting

Various types of dashboards and charts to easily view and understand the real-time data. Modify reporting criteria to reap the benefits of real-time reporting. Customised dashboards are can be configured for management to help in making faster executive decisions.

Email synchronisation with multiple mailboxes

Synchronise emails and contacts to communicate using one system. Two-way integration eliminates the need to switch between applications to send email or manage your cases. All email communication with multiple parties can be managed from this solution.

Automatic case registration and assignment

Create cases/service tickets automatically when customer is providing feedback using any channel. The solution will assign cases to the right person or team and route cases upon creation to respective queue based on your defined criteria, accelerating service delivery and providing consistent experience.

Personalised and secure access from anywhere

Each user can have a personalised login, including timezone customisation. The system can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, while maintaining the security of the access. Roles can be configured to provide easy administration for group of users.

Integrate and report from one application

The system allows to easily set up custom integrations with other solutions e.g. Accounting, ERP, LMS. This will allow to you to create comprehensive dashboards on one application based on data fetched from other solutions.